99 Days

Transform your life in just 99 days! One day at a time.

Your time is now

Be warned, this is not for everyone and you may not be quite ready to take a giant leap of faith. Any kind of change is hard, or at least, it feels difficult because we are programmed to resist it. From the very outset, you will be challenged. This program requires you to think

You will start off with a commitment (to yourself) and you will receive an e-mail every day, for 99 days,  containing a small task to help you on your way. The idea is to make you think, to take stock of where you are and what it is that you truly want. You will be guided through some soul-revealing steps, and although small and incremental, they show you your own truth. You will in essence get to know yourself a whole lot better.

This e-course is currently in beta and therefore I’m giving it away for free to anyone who is totally committed to making an enormous positive change in their lives. In return I would ask for your honest feedback and participation and when you are living your new, happy and abundant life, please feel free to make a contribution to one of our special causes.

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Ninety nine days is a long time, right?

It is 2376 long hours to be exact! But then it’s also just 3 months. A little over 14 weeks. Not long enough and much too long at the same time.

Now I ask you this; if you could have a different life in 99 days, would you want it? What if I told you, you could have a brand new body in 99 days, would you believe me?

Do you realise that you could, just about, change the world in 99 days. Why not change yours?

The truth is that this idea holds magnificent power, the idea that you could change anything you want for the better, in just 99 days. This is also scary as hell!! We are all so afraid of change.

What if you weren’t afraid anymore? What if you just took a giant leap of faith and jumped right into the abyss of possibility? Because that’s what it is – possibility! The possibility that you could actually have whatever you want, if you just took one tiny step towards it for 99 days.

Let me ask you something else; if you had just 99 days left in this world, what would you do with it? Can you even imagine that the next 99 days could be all there is? Suddenly time becomes a gift.

Shouldn’t it always be a gift? Why do we take it for granted without any thought every day?

So why don’t you give yourself the gift of 99 days. Live the next 99 days as if they were your last, with purpose, with passion, with careful thought about what it is that you want. I dare you!

Now, not many of us know what we truly want, in fact according to Maslow; “It isn’t normal to know what we want. It is a rare and difficult psychological achievement”.

Where would you start? What’s the first thing you’ll do?

  • Who do you need to make things right with?
  • Who do you need to say thank you to?
  • Who needs to hear that you love them?
  • What MUST you do before you die?
  • What are you leaving behind?
  • Do you have any skeletons in your closet that you need to clear out before someone else finds it?
  • What are you hanging on to that you can do without?

There are so many things that we think we will do one day, but when you think about it very carefully, do you really have any intention of doing it? Why have you been putting it off then?

Now you can do it one day, one of 99 days.