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My own story

My journey to lose weight started unofficially in the beginning of 2016. I was driving home from work and was pondering about this dilemma around losing weight. I kept on thinking that it had to be easier than starving yourself! I remembered that weight is not just about food. It is about so much more!!! That day in the car was the beginning of this course. I wanted to try it out and thought I should get a whole bunch of people to join me…. But I was embarrassed. Why would anyone want to go on a weight-loss course with someone who was more than 30KG overweight! So I decided to do it on my own.

I started researching and learning and I started tapping, forgiving, blessing, loving, and balancing chakras – everything I ended up putting into the course. About three months into this I happen to come across a lady who was just starting out as a banting coach and I decided to join her group. I had already lost some weight at this stage but didn’t know how much. I loved the banting approach to weightloss and I started eating the right foods. I lost almost 1kg a week in those 12 weeks (Accept for 1 week – the week I got married). Overall I lost 10kg. So August 2016 I weighed in at 94kgs and by March 2017 I weighed 70Kg. And I still fluctuate around that for now. (I do want to lose some more, but I had to give my mind, (and my family) time to catch up. I went from a size 40/42 to a size 34, and let me tell you I’m loving it!


Jacqui - Jacqui was part of the pilot program that ran in 2016
This course is multi-faceted so there will always be a tool which you can relate to and which works best for you.
Madeleine is a great instructor. Through her teachings, I have learned so much about myself, my beliefs, my negativity and how to be better in so many ways, not just with my weight but with life in general.
Since finishing the course I have become less food obsessed, I make better decisions for myself and use the tools I mentioned to ground myself when times are tough.


Darshana - Darshana was part of the pilot program that ran in 2016
Madeleine has brought together various learnings, together with her own experiences, into an insightful and uplifting course that has left me with a deeper understanding of myself. The tools she has provided will continue to support me beyond my weight loss journey.