What we will cover in the 12 weeks

Week1: Introduction and getting to know yourself.

How do you feel in your body? Why do you want to lose weight? Where are you in your journey? The real reason behind excess weight. Letting go of the overwhelm associated to weight loss.

Week 2: Food and Triggers

What are macros? What food should we eat to lose weight? What are your eating triggers? What to do when you triggered? How to choose differently….

Week 3: Forgiveness

The weight of guilt; Guilt around weight-loss; Guilt of failures in the past? How to forgive yourself and others.

Week 4: Your body

What do you Love about your body?  Facts about how your body works. Grounding; Root Chakra

Week 5: Introduction to beliefs

Beliefs; what are they, how do you change them? What do you think when you see thin people? What do you believe about being safe?

Week 6: Inner Child

How your past influences your present; Forgiving your younger self and how to embrace (and make peace) with your Inner Child.

Week 7: Self – Talk

The words we speak. The inner reflects the outer. How do you treat yourself; Affirmations; Letting go of negative dialogue; mirror work

Week 8: Your sacral chakra

All about your sacral chakra, and how a blocked sacral chakra can manifest as fat in your lower belly. How energy gets stifled and how to unleash it through creativity.

Week 9: Getting your body moving

All about exercise; raising your heartbeat….. not because you have to but because it feels good.

Week 10: Finding your place in the world

Back to why you wanted to lose weight…. Do you belong? How do you belong? Balancing the solar plexus and stepping into your own divine power.

Week 11: The power of conscious creation

What is Conscious creation: Do we dare to dream; how to dream; don’t sweat the small stuff.

Week 12: Grateful celebrations

Looking back at our journey; Being grateful for everything that you have is a good habit in sustaining your lifestyle.