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Alannah - - from season 1

This is a must-do workshop! With initial expectations on learning about the latest fad diet, relentless weigh-ins and the inevitable dissapointment that goes along with the "dieting" journey, I was still willing to give it a bash. It came as a beautiful surprise that this wasn't about "dieting" bbut more about about nurturning, loving and understanding who you are what really makes you tick. With these essential tools at hand and a deeper more compassionate view of myself and the world, I simply made better decisions around food and what I want for myself. The personal insights I gained was a wonderful experience and really got me to look at who I am with a completely different lense in place and it changed everything!!! Thank you Madeleine, you are an amazing example, coach and goddess!


Jacqui - Jacqui was part of the pilot program that ran in 2017

This course is multi-faceted so there will always be a tool which you can relate to and which works best for you.
Madeleine is a great instructor. Through her teachings, I have learned so much about myself, my beliefs, my negativity and how to be better in so many ways, not just with my weight but with life in general.
Since finishing the course I have become less food obsessed, I make better decisions for myself and use the tools I mentioned to ground myself when times are tough.


Darshana - Darshana was part of the pilot program that ran in 2017

Madeleine has brought together various learnings, together with her own experiences, into an insightful and uplifting course that has left me with a deeper understanding of myself. The tools she has provided will continue to support me beyond my weight loss journey.