Anxiety Be Gone!

A step-by-step program to overcome anxiety

Are you suffering from anxiety?

Anxiety seems like such a small and foreign word to describe what you’re going through, doesn’t it? You feel the cold grip tightening around your heart, something turns in your chest, no, your stomach, and your heart is pounding so hard, people can hear it across the room … Adrenalin courses through your body and makes your fingers tingle, but it doesn’t feel good, not good at all, your arms hurt and your legs won’t move. You feel like you can’t breathe and out of breath at the same time. You’re incapacitated, poisoned by your own body and imprisoned by your own mind.

Walls are closing in on you and rational thought left a while ago. Your mouth is dry as you try to bring yourself back, back to safety, back to a reality that is not as real as this. If you’re lucky, you muster a weak smile and carry on with your heart still pounding audibly in your chest or you quietly weep in your room, out of exhaustion and desperation. If you’re not so lucky, you get sick, literally, your stomach wants to get rid of the fear inside you. Or worse, you go to the dark place that most of us don’t even remember afterwards …

Don’t think for one minute that this ‘thing’ is reserved for the weak, the meek or the sensitive souls out there. Anxiety is prolific, most people are affected by it at some point. For some it’s a gnawing worry that eventually takes its toll on their health, relationships and general well-being,  and for others it’s a debilitating demon that robs us of all quality of life. No one should have to live like this!

At some point enough is enough! If you’re ready to face this ‘thing’ head-on and beat it for once and for all, then this program is for you.

Have you tried all sorts of medication and some worked, some didn’t, some made you feel numb and some made you a little crazy? Are you trying to make light of it, sweeping it under the rug and pretending that everything is normal? Perhaps you are self medicating a little, a few glasses of wine every night, some extra pain killers to ease the pain you feel inside or maybe even something stronger. Too many of us are either ‘infected’ or affected by this beast called anxiety, but do we really understand it? Why don’t we even talk about it? Many find it difficult to admit that the discomfort they feel is as a result of anxiety.

Do you avoid certain situations all the time because, basically at the root of it, you are afraid? Have you missed your big break for the same reason? From avoiding driving at night and social interactions, passing up on the opportunity to give that big presentation or just speaking up in a meeting, we do it all the time, we miss out on big adventures because it simply seems to scary at the time.

You are not stuck with it. You CAN overcome anxiety. 

If you are ready to take responsibility for your life and future happiness, join us on this journey. You will never be the same again.

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