Aware Bear

We are extremely excited to tell you about the newest additions to the Goddessense family, Aware Bears! These little ones will be available for adoption early in 2018.

What is so special about Aware Bears?

The healing power of teddy bears is nothing new to us. They have been known to soothe and even cure a myriad of ails, from anxiety to a mild stomach ache, not only in children but also those young enough in spirit to reach for a cuddly friend. Not only do they make lovely sleep companions but they have also been known to help fight loneliness, grief and even depression. Teddy bears are attentive listeners and they never judge, they also don’t mind getting cried on occasionally.

Research suggests that hugging a teddy bear reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol and can even increase the production of oxytocin, the cuddle hormone. So teddy bears make you happier and healthier!

Aware Bears are extra special because they are infused with Reiki energy and they have a healing crystal inside.  The 7 chakra symbols  are represented in the appropriate place on the bear’s body.

And if you need even more healing, the 10 EFT tapping points are sewn onto the bear as well.

They can be used to aid in all sorts of healing, including play therapy and reaching your inner child. Aware Bear comes with a series of downloadable videos for kids and adults to easily learn the different healing modalities that resonate with you.

Their potential is endless and it is our deepest desire to help heal the world one bear at a time. Aware Bear is the gift that keeps on giving, there is no end to the love these little cuddly friends want to spread. It is time to stop the pain and feel the joy that is everyone’s birthright, no matter what you’ve been through.

If you’re in need of a friend to help you through some difficult issues or if you know someone that you wish you could help, but don’t know how, Aware Bear is here – the magic starts as soon as you hold one.

Contact us at: if you would like more information or to order your special Aware Bear.